Sparked by the love of solid wood, Boo Furniture Sdn Bhd started in 2014 with the aim of furnishing homes with the warmth of this earthy element. In the following years of engaging home and business owners in dialogue, we have evolved to tailoring every order to your specific requirement. Each piece will be uniquely yours. In addition to our range of timeless, classic solid wood furniture styles, we keep up with modern home decor trends and continuously innovate our designs. Today, we also use various materials to complement solid wood, offering you alternative ideas that is contemporary and value for money.


At Boo Furniture, we empathize with your needs and wants in your furniture designs. Be it a new house or remodelling an existing one that needs furnishings to turn it into a warm and welcoming home; whether it is a business venture requiring desks and chairs that inspires a creative culture; or a commercial entity, such as cafés and restaurants, needing fixtures and fittings to make the establishment chic. We will be honoured to be with you on your journey. To assist you in your endeavours, we are resolute to our core values:


Our focus will always be catering to your requirements


Our foundation in engineering adds structural strength to the functionality of our products when tailoring to a request


Our keen interest in evolving design trends and styles enable us to provide you with a variety of ideas to not only serve the product purpose but also to be aesthetically pleasing